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Mountable Equipment





Miniature Night Vision Monocular

TARSIUS16 boasts miniaturized components and a revolutionary 16 mm image intensifier tube. Weighing 30 % to 45 % less than night vision monoculars based on 18 mm tubes, it sets the new standard in night vision technology.

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Vectronix NiteSpot is an image intensifier device that adds night vision capability to a variety of sighting and observation systems. It is easily attached in front of the objective of the day sight, and quickly removed when not used.

NiteSpot50 does not affect the optical alignment which means no re-adjustment or fresh boresighting is needed when changing from daylight to nighttime operation. 

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D1253 - Sniper Sight

Commanders need precise and reliable information collected by their men on the battlefield. As the sniper’s job is largely based on intelligence gathering and long distance shooting, he must be equipped with powerful and reliable sighting and firing technology. Download brochure in PDF format



A set of infrared or light-intensification day/night firing sights for assault rifles & light machine guns. Download brochure in PDF format

Defenco's Added Value

Defenco is working under Industrial Security and Safety Certification

The company and its personnel are NATO Cleared and is an Official Supplier of the Hellenic M.O.D under NATO Cage Code G1679.

Defenco Protects the Environment and is contracted with the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation