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Soldier Modernization Project


Integrated, scalable solutions, Tailored to your specific needs


Sagem Securite, a high-tech company in the SAFRAN Group, offers a custom-designed system for dismounted soldiers that allows them to carry out their missions quickly and efficiently, day or night, under all weather conditions and in all environments. The company designed and developed the FELIN system, which will be deployed by the French army starting in 2009. FELIN is a complete solution, from battle dress and protective gear, to optronics and communications. It greatly improves the operational capabilities of today’s soldiers both individually and collectively. Sagem Securite has built up considerable expertise through the FELIN project, and is now offering this type of system to other armed forces, as well as police departments and crisis management units. Switzerland has recognized its expertise by choosing the company as a partner in its own soldier modernization program.


Sagem Defense Securite can design the solution that best meets your needs, integrating the material you already have on hand – in a program that includes local manufacturers.

Modular and scalable, Sagem Securite soldier modernization solution can be applied in three incremental steps:

  • Basic: comprising a range of latest-generation optronic equipment.
  • Around-the-corner sighting: enabling each soldier to observe and/or neutralize a target at safe “standoff” range.
  • Tactical C4I: at platoon level, interoperable with higher command levels.





The solutions developed by Sagem Defense Securite significantly improve the engagement capability of soldiers, including mobility observation, intelligence, identification, designation, targeting and firing. These capabilities are based on a broad array of technologies, integrated in different devices so that users can select the most appropriate combination: image intensification and infrared sights, multifunction infrared binoculars and head-mounted systems.


With the electronic and optronic systems developed by Sagem Defense Securite, individual soldiers become the first link in a smart network, capable of acting and reacting very quickly on the basis of reliable, shared information. In short, your infantry will take a quantum leap into the net-centric future.


Sagem Defense Securite solutions are totally modular and allow modern soldiers to carry out their mission anywhere, under any circumstances: all-weather, day/night, mounted, dismounted, air-drops, urban or open terrain, etc.





Around-the-corner sighting

Soldiers are equipped with a tactical vest and a suite of optronic equipment to significantly enhance their capabilities. They can count on not only powerful observation systems, but also the ability to manage all of their imagery in line with operational requirements, such as remotely controlled weapons, sights and radio.


Light and ergonomically designed, this compact “wearable computer” provides a link between the sight and the head-mounted devices. This advanced technology is behind the innovative new remote

sighting function. Soldiers can display the exact image from their sight on their helmetmounted optronics or their tactical PDA. With aroundthe-corner sighting, they can see without being seen, and

observe the enemy without exposing themselves to danger. Thanks to around-thecorner

sighting, survivability is considerably improved – a major goal of today’s armed forces.





Platoon C4I

The FELIN concept developed by Sagem Defense Securite gives soldiers full radio communications capabilities. The soldier digital radio delivers totally secure real-time voice and data, providing them with Full Situational Awareness and ensuring a Common Operational Picture and Friendly Forces Tracking.


With these new capabilities, platoons are obviously more effective in the field, and can operate even more quickly, with greater maneuverability. The advanced system means greater responsiveness, coupled with more accurate decision support.


Battle Management System (BMS) such as these, whether used by mounted or dismounted combat teams, also enhances space management, for example by displaying friend-foe positions on digital maps, and transmitting orders and reports. Networking soldiers with enhanced information collection and transmission capabilities means better tactical scenarios and enhanced operational efficiency for all combat units.


Scalable protection

Sagem Defense Securite paid particular attention to the protective gear and equipment to safeguard soldiers under all circumstances without reducing mobility. Protection is both effective and ergonomic, and is designed in particular to protect sensitive areas such as the torso, back, neck, pelvis, knees, elbows and shoulders.

The suite of protective garments and equipment is based on a new modular concept so that the level of protection can be tailored to any type of mission in all environments and climates: high-intensity engagement, NBC environment, law enforcement, crowd control, etc.

Several levels of protection are on offer: light ballistic vest (capable of resisting handguns, shrapnel and knives), ballistic plate effective against armor-piercing bullets, NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) protection, including assisted respiration, and equipment dedicated to crowd control.


Applications to meet your needs

While originally designed for soldiers, the system can easily be adapted for use by special operations, police, fire-fighters and other public safety units. For example, a number of these units need reliable, all-weather and multirole observation systems that allow users to remain undetected. Fire-fighters engaged in dangerous missions require robust and highly effective communications and observation systems.

Solutions offered for paramilitary use must be adapted to specific missions. Sagem Defense Securite works with its customers to offer the systems that best match their needs. In fact, Sagem Defense Securite’s ability to adapt its solutions to customer requirements is widely recognized as one of its competitive advantages.


Support services

In addition to supplying the system itself, Sagem Dιfense Sιcuritι provides complete user training up to the squadron level. The acquisition of systems based on electronics raises the question of subsequent maintenance, upgrades and long-term viability. From this standpoint, Sagem Defense Securite contract with the French government for the FELIN system is a solid guarantee for your long-term support needs. Sagem Defense Securite will provide a complete maintenance package for 30,000 FELIN systems to be deployed in all theaters where French forces operate. This will give it unrivaled experience in system operation, maintenance and evolution. Building on this experience, Sagem Defense Securite will then be able to work with its customers to develop full operational maintenance based on solutions proven with its French customer, and capable of including partnerships and local content.



French Soldier Modernization program, Felin at Defexpo 2010



Defenco's Added Value

Defenco is working under Industrial Security and Safety Certification

The company and its personnel are NATO Cleared and is an Official Supplier of the Hellenic M.O.D under NATO Cage Code G1679.

Defenco Protects the Environment and is contracted with the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation