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SPERWER TACTICAL UAV - The key to successful UAV missions



The reference Tactical UAV in Europe

The modular SPERWER system includes a Ground Control Station (GCS) for flight control and mission analysis, a Ground Data Terminal (GDT) housing the digital radio-link terminal, a catapult launcher and air vehicles.Like the other SPERWER aircraft versions (the long endurance and the highly survivable «slow fast», in partnership with Dassault Aviation), this standard air vehicleshares the SPERWER system approach: advanced avionics, catapult launch, 15 GHz data links and interoperable ground station.This design approach has made SPERWER the leader in Tactical UAV systems. The SPERWER Unmanned Air Vehicle is the most ordered UAV in Europe. The SPERWER system is multi UAV capable: the air vehicle can be controlled simultaneously with any other one by the same mobile Ground Control Station (GCS). The GCS is provided with state-of-theart technologies such as 3D mission planning, C4I connection, as well as a complete Geographical Information System. The GCS can be sheltered on all terrain vehicle.


The state-of-the-art Tactical UAV

Safe and Airworthy design

  • Fail-safe design and certified (based on JAR-VLA)

  • Fully automated take-off and landing: no runaway nor road required

  • Advanced digital avionics suite

  • Digital J Band (15 GHz) data link

  • Transponder/IFF mode 3C and VHF relay to ATC 


 Tactical capacity

  • High mobility: the system can be integrated on trucks

  • Operation from unprepared areas: catapult launch and parachute, recovery with airbags

  • Real time, day and night operations

  • C4I connection and interoperability


 Multi-payload capacity

  • EO/IR

  • SAR

  • Transmission relay



 Multi-mission capacity

  • Real time ISTAR

  • Targeting (first round strike artillerie accuracy)

  • Endurance: 6 + hours

  • 2 UAVs in flight from a single GCS

  • Hand over capability between several GCS


 Technical characteristics

  • 2-stroke engines: 65 HP

  • Overall length: 3,5 m

  • Wing span: 4,2 m

  • Ceiling: 15,000 ft

  • Speed: 90 kts

  • Data link range: 200 km

  • Payload capacity: 50 kg


Technological independence

Military and security forces need real-time intelligence for missions ranging from Intelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition Reconnaissance (ISTAR) and Battle Damage Assessment (BDA) to airborne transmission relay, electronic warfare and lethal/non-lethal ammunition. Building on its expertise as a manufacturer of high-technology equipment and systems integrator, Sagem has developed several Tactical UAV systems with endurance ranging from 1 hour to 12 hours to meet the intelligence requirements of military forces throughout the world. In doing so, Sagem has fully mastered the technology used in UAV systems, whether it be mission planning, data transmission, signal processing, inertial navigation or Optronics. This technological expertise is illustrated by the worldwide recognition of its UAV system as the European reference.

A comprehensive range of modular systems

Sagem's UAV system is a modular concept compatible with the entire range of its air vehicles. The two UAV systems with standard, six-hour-plus endurance include the SPERWER STD/SDTI and the highly resistant «slow/fast» Moyen Due drone (a Dassault Aviation-Sagem partnership). The SPERWER-B is a long endurance UAV, capable of carrying out a 1 2-hour mission. Finally, the Merlin portable UAV has a short endurance of 1 hour plus. All air vehicles share common system architecture such as data links and ground stations, making combined missions possible.


SPERWER STD/STDI, Sperwer-B and Moyen Due features

Highly mobile:
Due to its compact size, the systems can be transported on light military trucks, or in two C130 Hercules, for faster deployment on the battlefield.

Deployable in any theatre:
The catapult launcher and the recovery parachute mean the systems can be operated in an unprepared site neither runway nor landing strip is necessary.

Fully automated: Low-level tasks are automated, allowing operators to focus on high-level tasks.

Weather resistant:
The Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) allows the systems to be operated regardless of weather.


Operational day and night: An electro-optic payload comprised of a high-sensitivity camera and a high-resolution Sagem infrared camera allows the system to be deployed and operated during daytime and nighttime.

The air vehicles can be configured for observation, tele-transmission relay and anti-tank or electronic warfare missions.


C4I connectable: Within the context of C4I (Command, Control, Communication, Computer, Information), the UAV system carries out its mission through image acquisition and transmission.

UAV interchangeable:
The air vehicles use the same catapult and can be simultaneously controlled by the same ground control station.

MERLIN features

Mobile and compact: MERLIN is a lightweight system that can fit in a backpack and can be launched by hand.


Robust air vehicle:
Square, composite tandem wing that can

withstand harsh weather such as gale-force winds.

The drone can be assembled and ready to fly in less than five minutes. It is operated from two touch-screen laptop computers and lands using a parachute.

Operational day and night:
The modular payload can either be a diurnal camera or a diurnal/nocturnal camera.






  SPERWER-ΕΤ1 Greek Television Broadcast-ΜΕ ΑΡΕΤΗ ΚΑΙ ΤΟΛΜΗ.



Sagem Sperwer in Greek MOD - Defenco S.A.

This is a product of the Greek MOD filming office during the presentation of the SPERWER (7/5/2007) in front of Greek MOD leadership and journalists at the 4th Army Corps.

Download System DataSheet




Defenco Protects the Environment and is contracted with the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation
Defenco is working under Industrial Security and Safety Certification.

The company and its personnel are NATO Cleared and the company is an Official Supplier of the Hellenic M.O.D under NATO Cage Code G1679.