Vidisco FoXrayIIe portable X-ray inspection system



Vidisco’s FoXrayIIe portable X-ray inspection system (the 8th generation) is the only CCD based system to offer a 10 bit X-ray image (1,024 Grey levels), combined with 1.4 lp/mm – 40 AWG resolution. X-ray imaging of the highest quality in CCD technology is available on a laptop screen in seconds. The system’s carrying case (or backpack) also serves as a working platform for convenient X-ray inspection anywhere, anytime and from a safe distance.

The FoXrayIIe X-ray system is 100% portable and fully battery operated. The unique power management solution enables operation for over two weeks of on one battery charge, and also unlimited time on external (AC) power. Integrated wireless solutions and robot ready options provide further operational flexibility. Thousands of units used successfully around the world are proof of the FoXrayIIe′s reliability, high image quality, robustness and user safety.

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FoXrayIIe CCD based x-ray system     

VCU′s in Three Sizes

  • Real Time Images achieved in seconds! Minimum time to image, take an X-ray with a click of a button!
  • Safest Systems in the World! One approach, no down-range changing of batteries ever!
  • Highest Image Quality! First and only 10bit (1,024 Grey levels) CCD system.
    Four times more dynamic range than standard CCD units.
  • Three VCU sizes! 10”, 16” and super sized 22”! No Dead Space on three sides of the imager!
  • Longest Battery Operation Time! Over two weeks on one charge.
  • Robot Ready VCU as a Standard. No human approach down range, highest operator safety level. Full integration with leading EOD ROV′s.
  • Integrated Wireless Solutions. Digital wireless system; 200m (line of sight). Wireless X-ray.
  • High Power Long Range Wireless Options. 750m/1500 m (line of sight).
  • Unique External Video Camera. Live video of examined object. External images stored automatically with corresponding X-ray in the database. 
  • Proprietary Algorithms. Unprecedented X-ray imaging and immediate results.
  • One Platform for All Imagers. Interchangeable with digital flat panels, FlashX and RayzorX.


Technical Specifications*
Standard Configuration: VCU-10e
Imaging Area: VCU-10e: 190 X 254mm (~8 X 10 inch)
Just 1.5mm from bottom and 2 mm for detector sides - No Dead Space!
Imager Size: VCU-10e: 380 X 260 X 140mm (h,w,d) 
(~ 14.9 X 10.2 X 5.5 inch) - including carrying handle (removable)
Imager Weight: VCU-10e:  5.45 Kg (~12.1 lbs)
Imager Sensor Type: CCD immediate image capture, no moving parts, no scanning
Dynamic Range: 10 bit (1,024 Grey levels)
Resolution: VCU-10e:  1.4 lp/mm (40 AWG)
Power Supply: Over 14 days of battery operation on one charge
 AC 110/220V for unlimited operation
Optional Accessories
DWSe: Digital Wireless System - connecting laptop to VCU imager (200m line of sight)
Long Range Wireless Options: Up to 1500m  (~1 mile!) - line of sight
WLXe: Wireless X-ray – eliminates cable connection to X-ray 
Extension Cable: up to 200m distance
DC/AC Vehicle Inverter: for unlimited power supply from a vehicle - power down the line 
Compatible with any standard tripod
External Camera: for external color images & video
Software: Advanced proprietary Xbit software for security applications

* System configuration is subject to market changes and manufacturer specifications

Learn more about FoXrayIIe Trekker Backpack Configuration

VCU-16e  size: 560 X 410 X 210mm (h,w,d) ~22 X 16 X 8.2 inch - including carrying handle.
VCU-22e size: 660 X 560 X 210mm (h,w,d) ~ 26 X 22 X 8.2 inch - including carrying handle.

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